4bidday Open Call

Schermata 2014-09-18 alle 23.57.15

Are you looking for a place where to present your artwork?

4biddays are our experimental days for exhibitions and discussions. We invite artist and non to participate with your work, to watch, to listen and talk.

The gallery becomes a space in which you present a research, a work and the process of creation or a question. It becomes a home for discussions and a place for sharing thoughts, allowing viewer and viewed to find meeting points.the site functions as a means to help developing creative processes. By allowing an encounter between audience and the work we hope to facilitate a conversation between the two within a space where “it is possible to go wrong”.

4biddays are a chance for the visitor to discover contemporary art in a non-formal environment, with no prejudices, giving both sides (viewer and viewed) the chance to discuss face to face and open up sights.

The viewer will meet the artist, get to know about his work, and engage with others.

The viewed will benefit from feedback and have a possibility compare their views.

What to do and how:

The artist brings the work/investigation/question and present it in the gallery space.

In order to participate:

The artist needs to send an email in order to reserve a space pointing out the duration and technical needs (depending on gallery availability). 4 days maximum.

The viewer decides whether to get involved in what is happening or simply to receive the information as a spectator, depending on what’s being shown in the day.


For further information email us at 4bidgallery@gmail.com

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