Who we are?

4bid is a group of four people that engages in creative dialogue & collaboration through different mediums: illustration, performance, dance, installation and curatorial practice.

Irina Baldini 
Giacomo Cardoni
Masako Matsushita
Paolo Paggi

The Gallery is a physical space in which to create, express, expose the product of our elaborations as much as a space that facilitates communication and exchange between us, the individuals in the group, and the local community.
We like the idea of a small family inhabiting the space and being present to welcome influences from outside the Gallery’s door. An independent entity that is part of the bigger family, the OT301.
The space has for us a double function: at times a ‘backstage area’ where activities, studies, processes are visible to an ‘audience’ of visitors in an unofficial manner, and an organized presenting platform that shows work which has been produced in the space.
We offer a variety of recurrent activities open to the public: exhibitions/open studios -workshops -performances/installations.


compound word
4-bid / four-bid(s) / for-bid / forbid(den)

today’s conception of bid relates to a contest of auction, where an offer is made. 4bid took on the gallery in the OT301 and with that the chance to propose and offer to the public a series of activities.

in the past the word bid referred to the act of asking. We do ask you, the audience of this space, to participate, as much as being open to welcome your proposals and questions.
antiquely in sanskrit “bodhati” meant to make one aware, conscious in the moment of offering. When bidding one is aware of the clauses in the circumstance. Awakened, enlightened.
4bidden, or forbidden also suggests our attitude towards working in an art-space, sensitively, taking into account what stereotypes of contemporary art might be today, and allowing for not-ordinary to pop-in and have a say.

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