4emost Home?

The way we understand the word ‘home’ is often related to its common meaning,  that of a physical space, a place. In most cases though it represents a union of lives and signifies and associates to multiple things which may be different for all of us. Home can be seen as a small universe where individual worlds -different, imperfect  or solitary- move together rotating around this sun, so called Home, which gives them  some warmth and security, or a context in which to act. For what concerns the OT301, who lives in this Home? and who has contributed or keeps  contributing to its stability and growth practically and from a social and community  point of view? We would like to get to know the people. Here 4bid proposes a project called “4emost Home”, which is born in the Gallery of  OT301 but aims to live in and across the building. The project sees the following phases:

1* One to three OT301 people (whoever feels like being a vital part of the building,official members, participants or volunteers who play a role in the OT community) for  an informal meeting (a meal or a coffee or some drink with us in the 4bid Gallery). Over our meal -or other- the focus is on meeting with the guest and getting to know  his part and vision in the OT301. We can have more than one chat if so wished, and in  different places too.

2* From what we gather during the 1st phase, a concept will be created around which an  event dedicated/initiated/formulated by the ‘guest/group of guests’ will be designed. This may last max 24h each and the location for it will not necessarily be the gallery.  4bid will be there to facilitate the presentation, which modes and format will be  discussed between all of us.

3* One of the objectives is to document the process and finalize it by publishing each  event on a catalog. This will have several formats, one of them in the shape of a  building, hosting all the inhabitants of this Home.

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