Shuffle project?

_MG_3734A long-term project by 4bid

Shuffle project provides a ground for the development of ideas from various fields (Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Literature, Music, Photography, Film or Hybrid) during a week long project based in the Gallery c/o the OT301. Each participant is invited to run one day of the week’s workshop and take part in the sessions hosted by the others during the week. On Sunday there is an Open Show presenting the work of all the artists participating during the week a 4bid.

You can propose a problem, a question or a thought that you would like to look at from different perspectives. 4bid gives you the space to experiment and use the group dynamic, develop collaborations, offers to assist you with the delivery of the workshop (or other format of sharing) helping to lead each session. During the week the timing and length of each session can be dictated by the leader of that day. We encourage a discussion and feedback sessions at end of each workshop. A catalogue will be produced at the end of each Shuffle, documenting the individual sessions and the outcomes of the week.

To apply Shuffle Project Open Call


For more information contact us:

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