Tascha Toverwolf

4emost Home #5

Everything touches everything. Resistance is futile

by Tascha Toverwolf

free entrance from 19:00 hrs

Drum, whale song, finger drumming on the spine, we change participants, we keep the energy flowing, moving and changing positions to the rhythm.

We drum on each other and participants from the audience with our fingertips, letting the rhythm guide us, no thought is needed and we arrive easily in the center of all of us, the whole, the flowing truth that weighs nothing, the center of wholeness at the core of everyone.

From there, alignment is easy and natural. The cork floats to the surface if we no longer hold it down, our whole being, physical and energetic, realigns to perfect balance when we release resistance.

The rhythm connects us all to our heartbeat, our blood flows faster, touch brings us closer together, the whale song touches us in our DNA and in further, to the energy between it. The densest level of energy intentionally connects with the least dense level of energy. The circle closes. Everything touches everything.

12th of March 2014

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