4bidday #4

4bid presents the Guest Artists

Emiel Aak

Eliane Gerrits

Theo Schepens

4bid day 4


by Emiel Aak

The Artist’s intention is to give and share!

So, take one or more of the gifts for yourself or for someone else if you feel like it.

As 4bidday ‘becomes a home for discussions and a place for sharing thoughts, allowing Viewer and Viewed to find meeting points’ I would encourage you to think about and discuss the next:

Giving without expecting something in return


by Eliane Gerrits

An experimental installation, constellation if you wish, of my self-portraits.

I do self portraits all the time, sometimes relatively large ones, other times just a few centimetres and in a variety of materials. Also my emotional state is really different each time, and very visible. My self portraits were scattered all over my studio walls and I took the chance in 4bidday to hang them in a meticulously measured and ordered grid on the walls of the exhibition space. I hope overall impression will be harmonious and tranquil, giving the small and the large drawings the exact same amount of wall space.

Link: http://www.elianegerrits.nl/


( I rather want to decide everything in common sense n.2)

by Theo Schepens

The idea is about accepting the power conflict between man and woman. To see that power conflict as a slap stick movie/theatre. There can be fun in it and in the meantime there is something serious in it, because it is inevitable and seems unsolvable. Through changing role I am interested in showing that there is no difference between the other and yourself. I am the other. The other is me. We are constant mirroring. If I see me in that mirror I would be able to change something in it.

Link: http://www.theoschepens.com/

4rd of March 2014

4bidday is an experimental day for exhibitions and discussions. We invite you to participate with your work, to watch, to listen and talk.

Further informations about 4bidday <<<

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