Van Gogh Museum

interactive installation by 4bid group: ALL THE BEST

In occasion of the Thema Famous when you’re dead at Van Gogh Museum in July 2014, 4bid group proposes an interactive installation presenting characters who gained fame and recognition mostly at some stage after their death. The performance-installation consists of a collection of videos and still images illustrating famous people in multiple fields -arts, sport, politics, world guinness book of records, entertainment, etc. The audience are invited to participate actively in the piece, making their own observations and conversing with the members of 4bid group to contribute creating an imaginative identity for the “ideal Famous” by leaving in writing their personal comments which will be included in the ID card that 4bid’s research aims to find out during the time of the performance.

Performance on Vrijdagavond 25th July 2014, 18.30 to 22:00hrs

Contribute to the work by suggesting people you know have gained fame only after their death, or by answering one or more of the following questions which will be included in the catalog about the research-work.
You can write us via the Open Group on fbk  “All The Best //4bid @ Van Gogh Museum//” or email us on

Famous when you’re dead
by 4bid
1.    How do many artists get famous after they die?

  1. Do you know of any people that gained fame only after their death?

3.    Why many famous people were not known until after their death?

4.    Do contemporary artist have to deal with rejection during their life?

5.    What kind of artists are more likely to be recognised after death?

  1. Which characteristics can be found in artists that gained fame after death?

7.    Is the digital era going to change this phenomenon (fame after death)?

8.    How do you think fame is commercially related to death?

9.    How important is popularity for leaving a valuable trace in society?

  1. Who decides the value of work when the author is dead? And does this determine their fame?

  2. Do you think society makes a profit out of celebrating dead authors?

  3. Is death of an artist proportional to the likelihood of them becoming famous?

  4. Many artists never reach recognition, not in their lifetime, nor after death. Does this make the art commercially invaluable?

  5. Does the personality of the artists make them ‘eligible’ for fame even more then the work itself?

  6. How is the integrity of the work being preserved after the author passed away?

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