OOB #Migration


4bid gallery presents

OOB – Migration

October  9th – 12th

18:30 hrs


by Christopher Matthews

Thursday to Sunday live performance at 20:00hrs

“The installation functioning as a score for the performance explores the transient state between work. As an artist I am constantly thinking about how I can create a practise while in constant flux. The material selected for this show is an archive of projects that explores the travel between projects as exercises of sustaining a practise or nomadic studio.”

oob alex-01 2


by Alex Mora

Saturday night at 22:00hrs

“The self-reflection of the artist in an unfamiliar context” To the question “Who are we?” modern society offers a variety of different answers. Identity is not a fixed, immovable construct. We Chileans living abroad are hybrid beings permanently carrrying two identities and two cultures around with us. The process begins with the learning of a foreign language but by no means ends there. Understanding is somewhat different than comprehending. This, and other aspects lead us to a hermeneutical process of understanding in which we review and renew our stance on attitudes and convictions. Loss and gain accompany us permanently throughout our social integration in Germany. In the course of the integration process the immigrant adopts slowly but extremely intensively – new habits and attitudes. At the same time he constantly rejects acquired structures which no longer function in the new socio-cultural context. The desire to return home to the place of origin is probably a constant ordeal for every immigrant as depicted in the Chilean legend, in which the young Mapuche “Lautaro” returns home to his folk after many years of absence bringing new ideas and new ways to approach things which are absolutely opposite to those of his people.

In this absence the immigrant creates his homeland anew (The absence forms a new presence). Our task is to observe the place of origin from a different angle, to reflect the things about our homeland that fill us with pride and perhaps also the things that might makes us feel shame. Much of which we have learned until now can be put under serious questioning in this process.


Oob stands for Out-of-the-blue and is a special event organised by 4bid. Oob hosts one or more artists together in an informal exhibition open to the public. The event which includes in the program Dance, Drawing & Painting, Film, Curating/Research, Media Art, Multi Media, Music & sound art is curated by 4bid and presented with a theme. The theme of this Oob is Migration.

at 4bid gallery – Overtoom 301, Amsterdam, NL

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