TheBestOfFINAL-01 copia


An archivial exhibiton of the work 4bid has exhibited, the activities organized in one year in the gallery space and in collaboration with other spaces and people from OT301, videos, photos and written material to browse, look at, listen to.

18:30 hrs

In occasion of 4bid the best of the gallery presents a show made of an archive of the past year and the history of 4bid in the space at OT301.

4bid was born on November 1st, 2014 by a group of four artists and curators. During the past year the space has hosted many works, artists exchanges, festivals, talks and workshops from local and international people, offering a platform for exhibiting, experimenting and discussing about different practices in the art scene.

Irina, Masako, Paolo and Giacomo gave life to a space that has a specific functionality for the building and for the guest collaborators/participant to the project announced by 4bid. It is important for them that temporary art and culture find a home where to dare, try out, investigate practices and combine specialities. After this year of activities as a group, and the intense and close collaboration through the challenges of each project, 4bid takes a new form from November 1st 2014 letting go of ripened ideas, opening new doors and welcoming new contributions.

the best of 4bid collects a selection of footage from the events that happened, were born, developed passing through these four walls and eight hands of the group.
The hands may become more, change or pass things from one to another’s.

You are very welcome to come and see the exposition, remember, or familiarise with us in vision of the upcoming projects and initiatives.
We hope to see you then,
Warm wishes
4bid group

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