OOB Sub-Ritualism


4bid gallery presents

OOB – Sub-Ritualism

December  19th – 21st

18:30 hrs


INSTALLATION/TALK by Samara Dubois & Adeline Bourret

OOB – stands for Out-of-the-blue and is a special event organized by 4bid. Oob hosts one or more artists together in an informal exhibition open to the public. The event which includes in the program Dance, Drawing & Painting, Film, Curating/Research, Media Art, Multi Media, Music & sound art is curated by 4bid and presented with a theme. The theme of this Oob is Sub-Ritualism.



Detour, is a video by Daniel de Roo. The video is based on the writings of Hans Staden who traveled to Brasil around 1550. Stadens texts are one of the first personal accounts of the New World. They are sometimes accurate and other times unreal. The video is a way of thinking about utopianism or the projection of ideals. Stadens text is supported by images that have an associative relation to his stories, but are also reflecting on contemporary Brazil. Some images are based on the flaws found in the satellite imagery of Google Earth, while others are based on the commercial vessel Oasis of the Seas, traveling the coastline of Brazil.

Detour, 2013 // dimensions: variable // videoprojector, mediaplayer, tripod, HD-video, 14:00 minutes // price: 2000,- excluding equipment( 3000,- including equipment ).

Home again.

FullSizeRender (2)

Our coming together amongst women has been a time of cultivating a sacred and nurturing space where the traditional sharing, learning and storytelling amongst women could naturally flourish.

Together, we have been embracing and remembering the powerful and divine force of the feminine. The making of these watercolor drawings, executed as an act of looking at oneself with honor and acceptance, came to fruition whilst discussing themes of traditional rituals amongst women and ancestral knowledge.

This project also touches on the importance for women to approach their bodies in a caring way, and letting intuition be their natural inner guidance system.

We welcome all women to join us in a post exhibition talk to share any thoughts and reflections on our project. Expect generosity and wild storytelling.

Adeline and Samara.

‘Sometimes it is hard to get men to go away so women can be alone with each other. I just know that in ancient times women encouraged men to go away on “the fishing trip”. This is a ruse used by women since time immemorial to make men leave for a while so a woman can either be by herself or be with other women. Women desire to live in a solely female atmosphere from time to time, whether in solitude by themselves or with others. This is a natural feminine cycle.’ (C. P. Estés, 1992, p.339)

Watercolour // December 19th, 2014 // Samara Dubois, Adeline Bourret

at 4bid gallery – Overtoom 301, Amsterdam, NL

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