4zinecover4ZINE is an open collection of graphic works in the shape of a fanzine: how to take part to the project?

Easy steps to follow:

Take an A4
Draw on it your FUN or with FUN
Write a text to translate or explain the visual image about FUN
Send us the originals
Be part of 4ZINE


 —- INFO —-

Deadline for 4ZINE fourth round applicants around the 4th of May. 
Next Talk&Exhibition will take place on the 6th of May. 
If you want to have FUN with us check below to get more deep on to it 
and let us know!
What we collect so far:

 FUN in the Mediterranean sea 3D mail 4ZINE elaborate 4ZINE elaborate Giacomo Cardoni R.R.R. 4ZINE 4ZINE elaborate Scan 2Scan 1Scan 31Scan 29Scan 27Scan 25

 What we want to develop:

“a way to gather those who have spent their time by giving shape to FUN, in a care-place.
With or without a specific preconscious emotion or a clear-conceptual-introvert way to draw and shaping thoughts. It doesn’t matter where it comes from but it should be a moment of investigation with FUN or about FUN in a specific moment of life that you could call – FUN. Choose your style and be welcome to participate.” 

This collection of FUN is becoming an important physical presence for our gallery project. Nowadays work on/with fun is a real challenge. The perspective of this word is often in the middle of the dichotomies of life. We are really interested to see your approach to it and how to, where possible, give a shape to it. If you would like to contribute, you can do so in the following way:

-- For the participant or group that already received an invitation --
Sending the original A4 paper-work to: 4bid gallery, Overtoom 301, 1045 HR
Amsterdam, NL 
-- for the community of people willing to have FUN with 4bid --

• Upon receiving your work, we will consider it for our collection. The works that do not comply with the rules mentioned below to have FUN, will not be exposed in this thing we call 4ZINE.

What we are working on could become a great collection of graphic works produced by external participants and gathered by 4bid. Any kind of Fanzine lover can send his work from any place in the world and be saved in our gallery, given that the work complies with the rules mentioned below.

What we know so far: “Fanzine stands for Fanatic and Magazine, which together in the fusion makes fanzine. These kind of productions are nonprofessional and nonofficial publications, produced by fans of a particular phenomenon for the pleasure of others who share their interest.”

---- IMPORTANT to READ for everybody  -----

• Topic: FUN
• • Medium: whatever A4 paper, as simple as it gets, but not anything else.
• • • Technique: whatever inspiring FUN technique as far as your paper is not becoming a sculpture. Keep 2Dimensional qualities. Pop-up paper-works for example are on the limit-border.
• • • • FUN testimonial: For each work we need a story attached (that you can also send to us by mail). The testimonial part of your moment of FUN will be the core of 4ZINE. The text can be a narration, a story or whatever is related to your FUN creation moments, to be used as material for the Talk planned during each exhibition. 4bid will try to stimulate and boost a conversation showing and telling your work.
• • • • • Text: The text is preferably written in English, although using a translatable language will not lead to the exclusion of the work. (It may however make it more difficult to really be part of the core of the project – the Talk open discussion about FUN.) It can be written on a separate paper as well as on the back of the work, it can be sent by e-mail or by post together with your original A4 paper work. We ask you not to exceed 444 words, since doing so could lead to the exclusion of your work. The text will be printed, if that is not already done, and kept as the back of your work and exhibited with it.
• • • • • • About: Because of the context provided by 4bid, your paper-FUN-work might be of interest to buyers.  We therefore ask you to inform us about the price. We are open to discussion. If we consider using your work on other occasions, you will be informed by e-mail. All the original works chosen will be exhibited in a 4ZINE dedicated day.

-- what's the 4ZINE day --

During the exhibition we will stimulate a talk with visitors and artists present, which will be based on the testimonials. We aim for this moment to be fun and/or to develop a critical open discussion of it. In short, the talk is part of the exhibition.

Next to the paper collection, an online version of all works will be made accessible to the public.

During the presentation, the 4ZINE of originals and the new original works will be installed on the walls before being put inside the Fanzine.

Remember: “Fun is an absolutely primary category of life, familiar to everybody at a glance right down to the animal level. Psychological studies reveal both the importance of fun and its effect on the perception of time, which is sometimes said to be shortened when one is having fun. As the adage says: “Time flies when you’re having fun”.

---- More info ----

4ZINE is an auto-production fun-publication zine-noproject.

Developing Temporary Cultures are three words that describe what 4bid wants to open as new possibilities for the graphic process, criticize and publish “Having Fun”. There are two ways to work about fun, having it, working on it.

“Some scientists have identified areas of the brain associated with the perception of novelty, which are stimulated when faced with “unusual or surprising circumstances”. Information is initially received in the hippocampus, the site of long-term memory consolidation, where the brain attempts to match the new information with recognizable patterns stored in long-term memory. When it is unable to do this, the brain releases dopamine, a chemical which stimulates the amygdala, the site of emotion, and creates a pleasurable feeling that is associated with the new memory. In other words, fun is created by stimulating the brain with novelty”

This publication will consist of an open book A4 size pages. Each A4 page will be created by one individual or group. 4bid may also participate, responsible for choosing while having fun, or just developing FUN. Fun is in the air, is with us daily, in our desires, in our questions, in our problems, having fun can be a realistic non funny job or… just fun. Playing with fun in a professional and passionate way, we aim to develop a fanzine based on the infinite possibilities of freedom and fun to materialize the results with a critical eye… and without forgetting to have fun while doing it.

Who can apply:
everybody who has an idea about the concept of “having fun”.
Or someone that can just live his fun and do something with it on an A4 paper + some footnotes.

** 4bid curators will process your work, having the final-word on choosing, as they can or/and they want, about the inclusion of your work in the project or just in the 4bid collection.

We would like to thanks our collaborators so far:

From Netherlands – Alex Pope

From Italy – Paolo Parisi

----Suggested discussion starters (by an anti-capitalist) ----

“The notion of FUN can reflect the contradiction between capitalism and human necessities. Is capitalism based on the human necessity to have fun? Can fun be protected, analyzed and consumed without being a capitalist product?”

Contemporary capitalism vs FUN. Culture of FUN.

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