Highs & Lows #12

23th Sep 2015

10494974_865817360169525_8666765140367831722_o-1Highs & Lows #12, an evening of performances, curatedy by 4bidgallery in OT301, Amsterdam. Produced by 4bid, the night focuses on movement research in contemporary dance and live art. The idea behind H&L is to give contemporary dance, performance and live art a platform to show work that is experimental, daring, unfunded, collaborative, result of research or work in progress.
Curated by: Irina Balenii & Giacomo Cardoni

1. “Habillez moi / Dress me up” by Jacqueline can de Geer
2. “imm.scharf.yh”  by Lisa Marie Hennig-Olsen
3. “The invisible Dancer” by Choreography: Eline van Ark, Aida Guirro Salinas
4. “Stand-up Drama”  by Andreas Hannes


1.“Habillez moi / Dress me up”
Artist: Jacqueline can de Geer

What is a woman?The virgin Mary, the whore, a baby doll, a pin up, a housewife, a top model, a militant feminist, the mother of all our baby’s what archetype she represents?  In this performance, Jacqueline can de Geer plays with clothes, costumes, labels, the participants, nudity and the interventions with the audience. Clothes, our skin during the day, the night, our ‘drag’-style. it permits us to find our identity, to be anonymous, to be male, feminine, to dress and undress like a metaphor and exercise in discovering traces of our history of gender and to recreate our identity today.
DSC_5902   DSC_5920



2. “imm.scharf.yh”   (10min)
Artist: Elle Em Project / Lisa Marie Hennig-Olsen  website

Short description: The choreography is based on a text from an old music magazine:”An army brat who claimed to sell Mazi paraphernalia for morphine. Delinquent who dropped TVs sets off roofs. A gangling freak with OCD.”DSC_5965.jpg


.3.“The invisible Dancer”  (20min)

Choreography: Eline van Ark   website
Dance: Aida Guirro Salinas   website
Advice: Diane Elshout

 The Invisible Dancer is a sensorial dance performance, created to be experienced with eyes closed. Sound becomes tangible and movements get under your skin. How do you look at dance when you can’t see? Close your eyes to see beyond the shape of dance, and experience how deep the experience can go. During the making process of “The Invisible Dancer”, Eline collaborated with people with a visual impairment, locals from the Amsterdam. Transvaal neighborhood, and dance-artists. Together with them she researched the possibilities of listen-dance.DSC_6143.jpgDSC_6151.jpg


.4.“Stand-up Drama” (30min)
Artist: Andreas Hannes  website 

This is not a stand-up. I repeat. This is not a stand-up. It is time for sorrow indeed. The urgency should be considered irrelevant and received lightly. In a space where everything is possible, I wonder… I wonder how much it can fit. My stuff, are not in boxes. Laugh / Cry after the tone. Please!!! Please!!!DSC_6171.jpgDSC_6209.jpg




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