Highs & Lows #17

13th April 2016

12901139_975236445894282_1359553744652634066_o.jpgHighs & Lows is an evening of performances in OT301, Amsterdam. Produced by 4bid, the night focuses on movement research in contemporary dance and live art. The idea behind H&L is to give contemporary dance, performance and live art a platform to show work that is experimental, daring, unfunded, collaborative, result of research or work in progress.

Highs & Lows evening of Performance – 17th edition
Style: Dance and performance
Artists: Abel Bueso Ferrer (ES) / Sakurako San (FR/NL)


1. “Shoes” by Abel Bueso Ferrer
In the performance used a basic concept, the shoes, to present the gender conflict as a self portrait and also a portrait of the surroundings. In this piece, the performance is used as a transformation method to change the state of the installation” the interaction between the concept and the body. The piece talks about the deformation of the body and gender roles.
Click to Photo Archive : “Shoes”


2.“Corsonor” by Sakurako San
The piece is about an internal struggle of every individual between one’s mental constructions and the emotional responses to that, balancing at the edge of sanity. Do our deepest emotions of fear, despair or euphoric joy have anything to do with reality as it is or any external stimuli? What are the voices we have ongoing silent dialogues with? Is insanity just an intensified manifestation of our daily condition?
 Click to Photo Archive: “Corsonor”


hosted by 4bid

hosted by 4bid

hosted by 4bid

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hosted by 4bid

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