ESOC – free fringe festival


ESOC @ Amsterdam free fringe festival
Style: Music – Performance

ESOC is an international open collective focused on creating live efimeral site-specific events.
It was created more than 11 years ago and has performed around 100 times around Spain Germany France, playing in all tipes of contexts, from music festivals, art galleries, institutions, universities, performance cicles, raves, the street, etc…

video: ESOC en Excentricités ISBA Besançon 15 04 2014
video: ESOC shock 2
vidieo: ESOC en Glogauair Berlin 05 dec 2013

ESOC has an open structure. It is a collective more than a group.
We focus on the bloc and not in the inviduals, so everyone is dressed irrecognizible.
Everyone that´s taking part on each event decide totally free what wants to do.
The main elements that the proyect uses are, sound, action, video, and happening.
Esoc allways involve the audience in the performance.
ESOC is a multichannel event, so no only one focal point, diferent thinks are happening at the same time,making the audience take decicions and behing active during the show.

ESOC performs around 60 minutes.

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