Highs & Lows #20

Thursday 1-12-2016


Highs & Lows evening of Performance – 20th edition
Style: Dance and performance

Guest Artists:
Gian Cruz and Claire Villacorta
Nara Walker
Yumi Osanai and Virginie Moly
Ronald Bal

Highs & Lows 20th edition was the  celebration of 3 years of 4bid in OT301.
The evening of performance is with following artists Guest Artists Ronald Bal, Gian Cruz, Nara Walker, Yumi Osanai and Virginie Moly.

Highs & Lows ?
Highs & Lows is an evening of performances in OT301, Amsterdam. The night, produced and curated by 4bid, focuses on movement research in contemporary dance and live art. The idea behind H&L is to give contemporary dance, performance and live art a platform to show work that is experimental, daring, unfunded, collaborative, result of research or work in progress.


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