Low Barometer

2.-4. Dec.2016

Our Artist in residency presents:

Low Barometer : short chances in circumstances


Style: video art installation by Anna Fo.

“Low Barometer” is a staged play that stretches across walls of monochromatic drawn patterns and colored moving images. It explores the parameters of a distortion of reality, stepping outside traditional projection formats and locating video in space. In an exploration of performativity, experimental video and scenography, a form of an audiovisual performance is created.

By contrasting, stillness and motion, physical and digital space, the video art installation simultaneously creates and annihilates situations of one’s existence, representation of space’s perception and the experience of reality. It explores connections between video art and video mapping with drawn images and their placement in space. It combines video and artwork, designed and edited for a temporary abstract space, objects and characters.

One’s self is somewhat of a fiction, a narrative told of the polarity of existence —of being and nothingness. “Low Barometer” is a line between two stories, the assumed exchange of communication of oneself with the other, and the incompatibility of individual obsessions and passions. Drawing visual patterns from art nouveau, it narrates short-term stories where texts, images, videos and sounds are deconstructed from their original form and content, to create a play that proposes a new viewing point by extending beyond the physical boundaries of a theatre stage.

The video installation was created as part of a three-month residency at OT301/4BID Gallery Amsterdam, September – November 2016.
Running time: 15min (in loop)

Concept/Creation: Anna Fo.
Texts: Liza Pantelidou
Sound Design: Theophanis Avraam
Cinematography: Stephan Metzner
Contributing Artist: Marios Psarras
(with the support of the Cultural Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture)

Friday 2-12-2016 to Sunday 4.12.16
“Low Barometer” a video art installation by Anna Fo.


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