International printmaking exposium

GRAPHICALL announces its 1st juried exhibition devoted to prints. This year we welcome applications from all over the globe bringing together a diverse representation of the print world today.

In December 2016 GRAPHICALL will exhibit Dutch and International artists working in the medium of printmaking alongside a series of workshops and a symposium hosting guest speakers from the field of contemporary printmaking. With this initiative we promote a discussion on what printmaking is today and encourage a reconsideration of the graphic mediums as versatile and multifaceted.

Submissions of a range of print-related media amongst which work on paper 2D, 3D, animation, installation were accepted, gathering the most diverse and interesting print collection.

GRAPHICALL will be hosted by 4bid gallery situated in the multimedia cultural centre OT301, Amsterdam. Inaugurated this year in December GRAPHICALL strives to manifest itself as a key event for printmakers and appreciators, unmissable in the arts calendar. It will run over a long weekend (December 8th to 11th) that includes the Exhibition Vernissage, talks by guest artist speakers about Printmaking techniques and the way these are applied in their work, workshops led by practising specialists accessible to experienced and inexperienced, Exhibition Finissage with presentation of the GRAPHICatalogue 2016, a publication collecting the documentation of the festival, featuring the exhibiting artists and illustrating the symposium topics.


A detailed schedule will be published after November 20th.


GRAPHICALL will host workshops in various printing techniques. To participate to one or more of the workshops sign up via or via

Each workshop is based on a donation between 25€ and 40€, concessions available upon agreement.

**From the work produced during the workshops the jury will select 3 works to show on the last day Sunday 11th, Symposium day, in the gallery amongst the exposium.


All the selected works will be shown at
4bid gallery OT301 Overtoom 301, 1054HW Amsterdam NL
Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th December from 17-21h

Entries for GRAPHICALL 2016 are selected by an experienced panel formed by internationally active artists

Patricio Bosich (AG/UK)>
Sisetta Zappone (IT/UK)>
Max Middleton (UK)>
Pirkko Vainio (FIN)>
Luk Van Driessche (NL)>


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