B.base #1

8-11 february 2017

B.base 1st edition   

“ what if this was gallery dance?”


Feb 2017

Valentina Milosevic   www.shalabal.wixsite.com
“REHEARSAL”(cyanotype photographic prints)

Oliva Malena Vidal   www.oliviamalenavidal.com
“NUDES NOT ON A STAIRCASE” (photographs)

Marije Baalman www.marijebaalman.eu
“CHRYSALIS” (performative environment)

B.base: a body based space is a new pilot program by 4bidgallery which might feature an art exhibition, a discussion between artist, choreographer and a neuroscientist, a screening of a dance film and a live performance. The body is the subject of the events. The aim of B.base is to take the moving body on the edge of its territory in dance by questioning how artists working with different mediums represent it, use it as a tool, admire it or make it the subject of their work.

day 1. Valentina Milosevic, Olivia Malena Vidal
Opening of an exhibition that has the body as a subject.

day 2. Silent films 1943-1945
“choreoscreening”, a screening exploring links between body/film as a means to choreograph.

day 3. Between the artists and the words – “How does the local affect the global?”
Discussion with the participating artists and an external guest from the field of science, journalism, other..

day 4. Marije Baalman. “Chrysalis” 2016
Performance of a body-based work that explores connections between different medias (technology, science, or other forms of art).
click here to see photos 


Curated by  Irina Baldini  -4bidgallery

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