“When Attitudes Become Typeface”

8th-12th Mar 2017

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“When Attitudes become Typeface”

Artist: Sooji Lee
Style: Art Exhibition & Design (Installation/ video, performance)
keywords: Human originality, Machine & Tool, Creator/Craftsmen


The exhibition presents a series of works by Sooji Lee that started from a question “What about us is unique and can’t be replicated by machines?”. The project studies the value of ‘human originality’. She finds the originality in our inherent ‘imperfection’ as she explores craftsmanship as a prime example of our pursuit of perfection.

She shows craftsmanship through an installation meant to manually produce the Bodoni typeface. Typefaces are one of humanity’s earliest and primary examples of mass-production. Lee’s installation and extensive research on the lowercase ‘a’ in the Bodoni typeface could theoretically allow her to create the “perfect” reproduction. However despite her countless efforts, her results always end up slightly imperfect in various ways.

In these imperfections lies the heart of our originality and they represent the divide between us and machines. Lee’s installation embraces this human quality and celebrates it, acknowledging our desire for perfection despite always falling slightly short.

The show was curated by Yujin Yuna Song @4bid gallery.


About the artist:
Sooji Lee was born in Korea, grew up in Jakarta, studied in Seoul, worked in New York as a graphic designer and recently completed her masters at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. She was nominated for Gijs Bakker Prize and TDC(Type Directors Club) with the project presented in the gallery.
Artist’s website


View of the Exhibition




32792748403_cfc1d84ae1_o.jpgphotographed by Yuna Song

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