Highs&Lows #21

24th Mar 2017
17358694_1255623664522224_5028913856603410200_o.jpgHighs & Lows is an evening of performances in OT301, Amsterdam. The night, produced and curated by 4bid, focuses on movement research in contemporary dance and live art. The idea behind H&L is to give contemporary dance, performance and live art a platform to show work that is experimental, daring, unfunded, collaborative, result of research or work in progress.

Highs & Lows evening of Performance – 21th edition

Artists:  Aleksandra Ścibor / Adam Marhieu  /  Lucrezia Palandri

Stage.1  “Sushuma” (30min)  by Aleksandra Ścibor
Stage.2  “Taking Down the Pole that Killed My Brother” (15min)  by Adam Marhieu
Stage.3  “Souvenirs” (15min)  by Lucrezia Palandri


Stage.1 -“Sushuma” is an ongoing process of me becoming a channel transferring the glandular information. Anchoring in the bodily sensations. Touching the intangible glands: heart body, thoracobody, gonads, thyroid, adrenals, coccygeal body, carotid bodies, parathyroids, pituitary, mamillary bodies, pineal, thymus, pancreas; and integrating them through the bones and muscles.

Stage.2 – In “Taking Down the Pole that Killed My Brother,” the artist ties a rope around a telephone pole and begins to attempt removing or destroying the structure. The pole is the literal and figurative form which played a role in the fatal car accident of the artist’s brother. The artist attempts to take down this structure until physical exhaustion.

Stage.3 – The questions are: How do we identify ourselves? Does our identity change depending on where we are, who we are with, what we are involved in? The movement research explores the repetition of gesture as individual and collective mechanisms for remembering. The piece has an improvised structure, and becomes a lively commentary, a never ending collection of studies, molded in the engagement with the local community. A body’s repertoire of gestures, which challenges and comes into conversation with people’s embodied memories.


The event was organized by Irina Baldini @4bidgallery.

View of the evening:



“Sushuma” by Aleksandra Scibor



“Souvenirs” by Lucrezia Palandri

photographed by Yuna Song


link to more Photo archives






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