31th Mar 2017


Chronologue – Retrospective solo performances by Svetlin Velchev

Chronologue is a dance performance program consisting of the three solo works, made and performed by Svetlin Velchev. The program includes the pieces Limitation Sky; Masked Reflection: Form & Content and Impact Transformation created and performed in the past five years.

1.Limitation Sky
2.Masked Reflection: Form & Content
3.Impact transformation

1. Limitation Sky is an abstract dance piece on the borderline between performance and visual art. In this piece the artist dances a duet with his own shadow. He is almost invisible against the prismatic projections. The end moments where the projections become white points of lights, his body appears to emerge from the wall as if morphing from a scientific matrix. The forms undulate both making the movements visible and the body invisible.

Photography by Yuna Song 


2.Masked Reflection: In this light installation, Velchev creates tension by juxtaposing shape and substance, surface and depth, movement and sound, investigating the question: is what we see necessarily what we get?
He first appears as a twirling sculptural form, a masked head, devoid of body. Movement sequences are accompanied with the rhythmic pulsing of four metronomes and changing light effects. In a transition moment the dancer’s body emerging with robotic movement but with a strong emotional musical score.

photographed by Yuna Song


  1. Impact transformation: The next step in a series that develop from concealed images with light projections to revealing the human element in art and science. An abstract sculpture turning on a pedestal is mapped with light. As the mapping projection disintegrates and dissolves into grainy particles. A transformation occurs. Almost as from a cocoon an idealized figure emerges from the sculpture. That figure represents the creative artist. The performance is a way to address the importance and impact of art. And questions where is the artist maker in that discussion.
photographed by Yuna Song

This project is an implementation of the permanent Artistic Residency of Svetlin Velchev / MANIFEST Dance Company at EHBK (Eerste Hulp bij Kunst) / OT301 Amsterdam

Chronologue contributing artists:
Performed/concept/light design: Svetlin Velchev
Photography and graphic design: Anne Huijnen
Technical assistants light, multi media and set decor: Taffy Boudewijns, Assen Ivanov, Sebastian Skeete Mc Leed, Monica Sharon, Irina Baldini, Lina Vregeres
Artistic consultant: Barbara Krulik
Costumes: Ulla & Patricia / Base Meant, Rosemary Tsvetkova


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