It was called I

23 – 25 June 2017


Title: It was called I
Artists: 7 collective photographers (names below)
Style: Photography / Installation / Video

“It was called I” is a project created in Amsterdam over a period of 2 years, the project grew from a collage into a photographic installation. Consisting of images created by each artist of the collective and combined with projections and sound we did research on our individual “I” versus the collective “I”

How the space of the exhibition is built is a story it self. You will be in the space of collective “I” inside of the whole one space of individual “I”. Explore¬†the divided but completed space.

Tobias Asser
Matt de Groot
Godelieve Linders-Krekelberg
Birgit Matschullat
Iris Mechielsen
Moi Bleu
Marjolein Witvoet

Exhibition view







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