The Circle Of

5th – 8th July 2017


Exhibition ” The Circle Of”
Artists: Caroline Lindo, Eszter Horváth, Zsolt Sarkozi
Style: installation/ Video Installation

What do you see when you look at a screen?

How fixed is your point of view?

What do you bring to the Circle?

The Circle Of is a mixed media installation that focuses on the circulation or exchange between different forms of art, between art and the audience. The audience is invited to an exhibition of slow art, where they can allow themselves time to discover micro samples of Amsterdam; both visually and acoustically.

The creators of The Circle Of, video artists Eszter Horváth and Zsolt Sarkozi, have experimented before with the possibilities of making the recorded, thus fixed material ‘singular’, more prone to the incidental, with the involvement of performative art. With this work, the creators strive to take one step forward: (how) would it be possible the make the screen come alive?

With the collaboration of textile artist Caroline Lindo, a non-conventional, multilayered, circular screen has been created entirely from upcycled material. The unevenness of the texture creates a unique surface to project onto; without a fixed distance between audience and image.

Exhibition View

The Circle Of is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).

The exhibition is hosted by 4bid gallery.

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