Highs & Lows #23

12th July 2017
Highs&Lows-archive poster1a.jpg
Highs & Lows is an evening of performances in OT301, Amsterdam. The night, produced and curated by 4bid, focuses on movement research in contemporary dance and live art. The idea behind H&L is to give contemporary dance, performance and live art a platform to show work that is experimental, daring, unfunded, collaborative, result of research or work in progress.


Highs & Lows evening of Performance – 23th edition

Guest Artists:Ida Brottmann Hansen (NL) / Minhong Yu (China)



“Sculptures#2 – a product of human behaviour” by Ida Brottmann Hansen

The work referes to ancient greek sculptures, where beauty and the perfect body was in focus. Although they at that time worshiped the male body, the female beauty is our time the most desired- from both men an beauty. And female beauty does – for the most part – carry a higher value then the male.

“A state about transparency” (Performance; 15 mins) by Minhong Yu
Minhong Yu: reading, movement

“Breathe” (Video Screening; 18 mins) by Minhong Yu
Breathe – A dialogue in-between, a video installation, a new layer of meaning is provided by the space. It focuses on identity and dialogue as a medium between people, landscapes and cultures. I want to create an atmosphere for the audience to immerse into my work. The audience will create extra layers, make a new connection and form a new visual language. I make a poetic, philosophical and political statement between centralisation and decentralisation and opacity and transparency.


View of the night

“Sculptures#2” by Ida Brottmann Hansen





photograghed by Yuna Song


“Breathe” & “A state about transparency” by Minhong Yu




photograghed by Yuna Song










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