UV Ray – Sara Pezzolesi

UV Ray: Invisible rays that are part of the energy that comes from the sun. Ultraviolet radiations.

Uv Ray is a project in progress based on researching the invisible shape of emotions. An experimental start to develop a Jewelry collection as precious shape.

We as human beings cannot (yet) see emotions and we are not able to define the shape that we leave touching another person, moving around the body. The sensations are invisible to the eye but they give us a real and sometimes apparently touching feeling. You can feel it if you want to, and it becomes audible if you want to listen to it, also visible in the end, if you want to see it.

Where is the border? Which is the confine, the line?

This first step of UV Ray tells the story of emotions when they are left to themselves. Abandoned. Slow, falling down. What happens then? what do we see/listen/feel?
It seems that nothing happens, the whole seems motionless, careless but maybe it is just waiting… for some new shapes.
Turning around the connection of bodies and souls released during a dance performance (thanks to Ròza Zamolojko, Tashi Iwaoka), something happened..

Here the work in progress of UV Ray https://sarapezzolesi.persona.co

Sara has been Artist in Residency at OT301, 2018

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