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This page is dedicated to the field of Performance Practices. As a platform for artist to share and show work, 4bid features some of the performance artist part of a group currently named [404].They met during a series of residential periods framed by HoPP Home of Performance Practices, ArtEZ in Arnhem NL, developing their research and collaborations.The featured artists have different backgrounds, different countries of origin, and propose looking at performance in different ways. They meet in the Netherlands to share work and feedback with one another and develop their practice with the support of the group.

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[404] presented a festival at Perdu Theater in Amsterdam on October 2nd 2021.

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Previous initiateives by 404 were the Micro residencies Feb-May 2021 at 4bid gallery. Find out more below

February 20-21, 2021

During my residency I did a 5h live-streamed open studio experiment that was aiming to interact with the audience over the decisions taken and the actions performed on the photos of my ancestors. While I am researching the possibilities of re/de-constructing identity through the manipulation of family archives with collage, I intended to explore how an individual’s family tree affects-concerns-becomes a collective question on identity and how the responsibility of the ways we choose to look at the past, affects present and future narratives.

LINK TO WORK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3Ma_jrP9ow


In walked in 4bid Gallery in different paces until I could not walk anymore.

I talked and connected time to my surroundings: ‘There is a time to read the graffiti on the walls …’

LINK TO WORK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G1rBXz70WM

photo: I.B.

March 13-14, 2021

A 24 hour residency; three artistic research projects taking place in the same space for the same duration; a re/experiencing of own work through the playing with and overlapping of the work of colleagues. Video, sound and live performance.

LINK TO WORK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiaiCX4ZcNo

photo: I.B.


not bodies 
not material.
It is not a proof

not what I intended it to be
not confusion.
I intended it to be confusing.

it is a body. virtual.
it is a proof
it is what I had intended

not vague
not mine
not live

it is not alive
it is not a memory
it is not a fiction
I distrust fiction.

it is vague
it is a memory
all is a fiction.

not loyal
not ephemeral
not unforgettable

not digits
it is also digits
I distrust digits.

it is memorable.

It is not nothing
make it be less.

It is a reaction.

Someone said reacting is one way of responding.
It is not a wilful reaction.

It is not a shadow.
It is not its shadow.
It is not the shadow of that performance.
It is not what it is.

I’m back.

It’s a digital performance.
A performance of digits.
Fingers. Fingers digiting things. What things? No-things.
No thanks. No real things, at least, no digital prints left. No prints.
No real fingers either. No digital art. No digits, no art. No party no fun.

Not for somebody. Not for us. Not to be performed. Not numerable. Not digitable.

LINK TO WORK: https://youtu.be/_f-j2C27jsI


A residency weekend at 4bid gallery in Amsterdam sharing artistic practices and research materials with artists Emily Welther and Irina Baldini. The residency was organized in the frame of the module “Wild Bodies”, designed by our cohort at Home of Performance Practices master programme at ArtEZ University of the Arts.


photo: I.B.

March 27-28, 2021

The Hospitality of Surrender  

How to invite surrender, how to take care, harness and create space for it.  

Surrender not as an action but as an unfolding through movement processes.  

Surrender as a state of which is dropped into, a softness, a gentleness, an assertiveness. 

At OT301 I worked with the 2 movement practices that I investigate surrender through. A FORM solo – days 58 & 59 of an ongoing process. Then a STREAMING practice, in which I work with musician Nikkie Kemp to allow surrender to emerge through an idea of formlessness – with music and movement emerging together out of the present moment. 

photo: I.B.


During the residency at OT301, I explored the intra-action of the materiality of my flesh and the textures and materiality of specific objects I used during the day. I was interested in recontextualizing them to discover the change in relation, affect and perception of these commonly ‘used’ objects when taken outside, in the natural environment. 
PFA the photos

LINK TO EXCERPT: https://youtu.be/O6uqfgs-Qew

APRIL 10-11, 2021


The first attempt to combine my practices of nonstop talking and nonstop writing by performing them simultaneously and nonstop in front of an offline audience. It took place during the 404 residency @4bid gallery, OT301, Amsterdam. With Luiza Jaffe, the other artist-in-residence we curated an event where our performances and set ups partially overlapped. My set up consisted of a table, a laptop, a mic, a chair, a spotlight, and two projections – one showing my screen as I was nonstop writing, and the other showing the live interactions (result of live coding) of artist and collaborator Sandra Golubjevaite with the live written text.  

LINK TO WORK: https://www.antriannamoutoula.com/ilikethelongerversion (scroll down for 4bid residency documentation)

Photos: I.B.

MAY 2, 2021


As part of my ongoing research into participatory art and collective creativity, I am developing a game where the Earth is shattered and a new story created by participants must help to form a new one. This early prototype tested the cross-platform ability of the text to appear on screen and revealed some of the dynamics at play when the online participants could help shape the world with their words but not control the movement or speed of the avatar. 


SEE WORK OF OTHER 404 MEMBERS via this link:


Korina Kordova

Photo: Fenia Kotsopoulou

Emily Welther

Less used words

Eryfili Drakopoulou

Irina Baldini

Anushka Nair

Photo: Fenia Kotsopoulou

Luisa Jaffe Misiuk Barbosa

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