a multichannel resident SURROUND-SOUND-SYSTEM

4bidden SOUNDS 4bidden SPACES

4bid has launched a brand new sound-art system, consisting of a 12-speaker surround sound installation inaugurated as a resident system at 4bid gallery from 2023.

Thanks to our collaborator day dizley (UK) www.dazdisley.co.uk, designer of the software “SOUND SQUARES” that enables the use of this system, we are able to offer this exciting novelty at 4bid gallery.
If you are an artist working with sound, think of what might you do with a system like this … if you had the opportunity to have a short residency in the space (spoiler, open call coming soon!)
Reach out if:
-you would like to be introduced to the new multichannel permanent-installation sound-system at 4bid, ready for use by sound-artists, musicians, and performers. 
-you would like to experience sound in ways we can pretty-much guarantee you haven’t experienced before! We’ll keep you in the loop when events animating the system emerge.
With 12 discrete speakers spread about the space, with the physical rig tracing its roots to the London2012 Cultural Olympiad project “SoundSpiral”, artists involved can perform experimental sonic interventions fully immersing the audience.
System-design and integration with thanks to the kind support of Hi-Q Sound www.hiqsound.co.uk/
[photo: © Mateusz Stepien]