4bid appreciates your support and solidarity!
So we can continue being an independent project, space and platform for art and artists out of the mainstream, we appreciate everyone’s solidarity and support.

4bid solidarity
Thank you for willing to donate to 4bid gallery! Your contribution makes a massive difference for the present and future of the project and we are grateful for your participation. Click the button below to donate via PayPal or choose from the other ways of joining forces in this  period of transformation.

You can support us by:

Making a donation via PayPal !

Volunteering your time and joining the crew, even from distance !

Buying our books and publications (email us to order the copy you’d like) !

Donating materials, equipment, skills !

Proposing ideas and making projects possible with us !

If you want to support our work/activities/ideas please contact us at

We hope to hear from you one way or another!
4bid crew

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