4bid appreciates your support !

So we can maintain being an independent gallery, we would very much like your support. This can be done in different ways.

We need:

  • a regular income to cover for the rent of the space we are located in, which allows all the wonderful thing we do throughout the year.

  • Donations in the form of object, pieces of equipment, building materials.

  • hours of co-work with our team, and input are more than welcome to keep our energies vibrating and fresh!
    Why? Since 2013 we have been working for free and paying for the space from our own pockets. We need to leap to the next level and alongside the quality of our professional work, offer more than our hands and minds can give to our artists. We want to buy them coffee, pay some of their performances, and invest in better materials to build up our events.

How can You support us?

YOU can support us by making a donation!
If you want to support our work/activities/ideas please contact us at

Sincerely yours,
4bid team

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