International printmaking festival


GRAPHICALL announces its 1st juried exhibition devoted to prints. This year we welcome applications from all over the globe bringing together a diverse representation of the print world today.

In December 2016 GRAPHICALL will exhibit Dutch and International artists working in the medium of printmaking alongside a series of workshops and a symposium hosting guest speakers from the field of contemporary printmaking. With this initiative we promote a discussion on what printmaking is today and encourage a reconsideration of the graphic mediums as versatile and multifaceted.

Submissions of a range of print-related media among which work on paper 2D, 3D, animation, installation are accepted, gathering the most diverse and interesting print collection in the Netherlands.

GRAPHICALL will be hosted by 4bid gallery situated in the multimedia cultural centre OT301, Amsterdam. Inaugurated this year in December GRAPHICALL strives to manifest itself as a key event for printmakers, unmissable in the arts calendar. It will run over a long weekend (December 8th to 11th) that includes the Exhibition Vernissage with introduction speech by initiator and project coordinator Irina Baldini, talks by guest artist speakers about Printmaking techniques and the way these are applied in their work, workshops led by practicing specialists accessible to experienced and inexperienced, advice sessions (one-to-one 45 minutes consultations with our panelists), Exhibition Finissage with presentation of the GRAPHICatalogue 2016, a publication collecting the documentation of the festival, featuring the exhibiting artists and illustrating the symposium topics.


During the festival the panel of jurists will hold public talks on the following topics: cyanotype printing, etching, monotype ..


GRAPHICALL will host workshops in various printing techniques. To participate to one or more of the workshops sign up before October 10th 2016 specifying which day you would like to attend. Each workshop is based on a donation between 25€ and 40€, concessions available upon agreement.

A detailed schedule of the workshops will be published on this page.


The 1st GRAPHICALL International Printmaking Festival will take place from December 8th to 11th 2016.

Entry deadline: Monday | October 10, 2016

Jury notification: Thursday | October 20th, 2016

Deadline for accepted prints: Saturday | November 12th, 2016

Exhibition dates: December 8-11th, 2016

Opening reception: Thursday | December 8th, 2016

Return of unsold work: January 2017


Entries for GRAPHICALL 2016 will be selected by an experienced panel of internationally active artists.

All artists will be notified of acceptance via e-mail by October 20th, 2016.


How to enter:

Deadline for bookings and submissions: 10th October 2016, 12h GMT

To apply email

Artists are asked to submit via email a current CV, an artist statement and up to 10 images or documentation of their recent work, a series or sequence of works. The entry is FREE.
Selected artists will be asked to ship their own work safely to:

4bid gallery ℅ OT301

Overtoom 301

1054HW Amsterdam NL


Exhibited works can be For sale or Not for sale. 10% commission of the purchase price will be retained.

If your work is on sale please provide a price inclusive of 10% gallery commission.

If you would like to donate the work to the gallery for their collection, please specify.



A maximum of 15 prints will be chosen by the panel. All prints must be signed by the artist. Artists may include up to 3 additional impressions of each print for sale. Deadline for all submissions is Saturday, November 12th.

Local artists may drop work off in person upon appointment with the gallery.

International artists must include a pre-paid, self-addressed return envelope.



For more information about GRAPHICA please contact project coordinator Irina Baldini on or 4bid gallery on