Shuffle project – shared practices

Shuffle project is about sharing practices.

It is a project based on open sessions and classes organised by professional or emerging artists. The aim of the project is to share and experiment with research practices that are within the fields of visual and performance arts, in a group.

It originates among the volunteers and crew running 4bid, to get to know each other’s work. It then expanded and strengthened a network of Amsterdam based artists. Exchanging ways of working, tools and strategies for making is a way to stretch and deepen one’s knowledge, to learn skills, offering oneself to the development of other artists’ work. It is an opportunity to meet and contribute to approaches to art making and researching.

1 session a week, depending on the participant’s proposal.
You can participate both by sharing your practice or by attending a session.
The participation fee is donation based and goes towards supporting the space and the people working in it.

For more info, mail

A shared practice example:


Movement research sessions 

on instant composition

ListenIng | PrAcTicing | PerfOrming

AbANdon the PLan






            become blurry complex



emotional,  conceptual,

                                                                                                a river, 

 A drop

A cruel place

A dry place

Not knowing, and it is fine

a timeless space, 

        a wardrobe with hidden mermaids, a soft place

 a future place, a small place, 

                                                                                                        a tiny boat.


In these training sessions, movers who work with improvisation and instant composition are invited to dance, improvise, sweat, experiment, research, and hold the space for each other. Each time a mover leads a session (or a series of sessions) where they can share tools on improvisation and instant composition practices. We also encourage the session leaders to share questions and movement research that they are currently busy with.

These sessions want to create a moving space for improvisers to :

  1. Come together, practice, and training in improvisation
  2. Share their tools with the others
  3. Experiment/try out ideas and movement tasks (emanated by their current research/project or their current movement practice)
  4. Hold the space for their peers to express and talk about their (movement) research while the process/way of talking about that is still blurry—a place to arrive with questions without ready answers.
  5. Create space for unknowing and knowing. Experience, problematize, and find new perspectives on proposed themes or questions with the other practitioners. 

If you want to share your practice, methods and/or research, you can contact Maria ( or Antti ( and shortly explain the question or theme and a few keywords about the topic you want to work with.