Join us

4bid is constantly open to collaborations and is always looking for creative minds to join the projects.


4bid seeks resumes for our all year round internship program this year 2016. Email us for an internship overview and details on how to apply: with as a subject of the email “Internship” and the date of your ideal start.

Help us:

Support 4bid  by becoming a member of the gallery. Members  receive priority invitation to all artists talks/advice sessions and special events, your support makes a real difference. €20 for the year.

Individual donors for one project or more have the opportunity to display their name or company logo on our publicity material.

4bid stocks a collection of publications. Buying from 4bid helps support us to expand our program.

Come and visit us @ 4bid gallery, Overtoom 301 1054HW Amsterdam or contact us via email.

4bid is not sponsored or subsidized. 4bid space is paid for through the activities and donations, and the sweat and blood of those working for the project.





4bid team (Curators, interns, volunteers) history

2013 – 2014
Irina Baldini, Masako Matsushita, Paolo Paggi, Giacomo Cardoni.

2014 – 2015
Irina Baldini, Giacomo Cardoni, Anna Stoppa, Roberta Colavecchio, Sara,  Michael Scerbo,

2015 – 2016
Irina Baldini, Giacomo Cardoni, Andrea Martinez, Michael Scerbo, Dorota Malpieczolo, Lucy Hawkins.

Irina Baldini, Andrea Martinez, Dorota Malpieczolo, Lucy Hawkins, Yujin Song, Lacey Verhalen.

2017- 2018
Irina Baldini, Yujin Song, Lacey Verhalen, Sara Arosio, Indy Doumenc Medeiros.

Irina Baldini, Simona Kurz Piras, Andrew Demetriou, Róża Zamołojko, Olivier Stein, Matteo Branchetti, Sara Pezzolesi.

Irina Baldini, Simona Kurz Piras, Andrew Demetriou, Róża Zamołojko, Matteo Branchetti, Sara Pezzolesi, Marilla, Camille





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