since 2013

4bid is a non-profit space, a project and a platform for art and artists with a special attention to the bridge between performative and visual art.

Our program consists in events and artist exchanges:

••••Highs & Lows evening of performances
••••B.BASE a body-based space (hybrid between visual and performative art)
••••GRAPHICALL graphic art exposium
••••Life Drawing
••••Introduction workshops to Printmaking and Bookbinding
••••* (4biddays> for exhibiting and discussing)

*optional program


        Alongside this outline we also organize art-workshops and occasional classes. We collaborate with other initiatives among which journalism projects, art hubs and galleries, community projects and artist-in-residency programs around the globe, nurturing connections for networking and sharing knowledge through our means.
 If you want to know more find our links to projects and collaborations.




“We think that art and culture, when approached critically, have a positive impact on society. We attempt to bring consciousness about the current social situation by sharing and distributing knowledge through development of temporary culture, a culture that is dynamic and evolves as we speak. Being critical is an approach but not only. Critical culture for us is a metaphor for a critical moment on a timeline, a crisis between points of view, collision of times and spaces. We develop projects and researches with the aim of reaching out to a micro / medium geographic range*, wanting to connect with people on a human-size level through discussions and collaborations, aiming to sensitize AUDIENCES to non capitalistic bodies and minds. We consider it important to create a multidisciplinary environment where a variety of artistic practices can question each other and their relation to contemporary art and society. We believe in a culture that is not elitist and therefore should be free and accessible to all. We like to interact and engage with artistic research, attempting to do it with consciousness and a critical mind-set, connecting with people on a personal level as well as globally.”


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