About 4bid

A non-profit space, a project and a platform for art and artists

Jan 2022

4bid is mostly focused on medium-small range cultural impact (one could call it local VS global), but it sure is not unrelated or unaffected by global events. So here we go with themes and dreams:

GO GREEN(er): Not unrelated to the climate disaster we’re facing, we do what is in our hands to go a bit more green, converting the energy we use into more sustainable (that does not apply only to electricity and gas, but to our own too!). Starting from our lights is step one, but thinking eco will help the building soften the spike in costs and those running the project having more energy to share with those visiting.

LESS COMPETITION: On a global scale, it is striking (but not surprising) that countries are playing risiko and gambling to be the ‘dominant power’ of the future. As we go backward toward autocracies, instead of towards forms of collective or solitary systems, the spirit of competitiveness seems to be leading in a  damaged post-pandemic world. If this is the looming social trend (dictating competition), it is not going to spare the small scale operations, tainting the way art and culture is made and supported. 4bid is not propelling any of the above trends, but what we can do, is keeping an attitude of inclusivity for those who find a tight fit elsewhere.

IRL RELATIONS: well, looking at how we pulled off staying active and physically present in this past year, this is not a worry. What may become odd tho, is that the hybrid presence, the idea of “online” performance, residency, exhibition or workshops, could claim its benefit for artists and operators (be that less traveling, less material costs, less physical labour). So, given that 4bid always has valued real life exchanges, the presence of bodies in space, the time spent in togetherness to share ideas and opinions, this is something to chew. We keep asking ourselves: how do we relate to this and what do we consciously want to represent in it?

COLLECTIVITY AND FLUIDITY: not too distant from the reflection on competition, collectivity is something we navigate and learn to understand with time. So far 4bid has been able to stay on its feet because of the people who come and contribute to it in various ways and at various degrees of commitment. But the presence and contribution of those constituting 4bid is not to be underestimated or taken for granted. Let’s face the facts: prices get higher because of the massive deficit caused by the crisis of the past two years. This makes any voluntary work and time dedication not only more valuable on behalf of 4bid, but trickier to sign up for as priorities are challenged. In this respect, it is important to acknowledge that the way to run this project depends on the people around it, who shape it and change it. It is fluid, it is collective and if it needs to adapt, it will keep doing it, so it can stay tuned to the needs and wishes of the times.

DIY AND SUSTAINABILITY: last but not least, summing up on all the above, it goes without saying that there’s a value in being small, being local, and being self sustained in these times. It’s wonderful to see shows come through, resident artists progress in their research, ourselves come together and nurture the project with little more than nothing and without having to depend on external financial support, just thanks to that circular economy made possible by the donations of time and money of those attending workshops, running them, setting up and hosting exhibitions, all of which gets re-invested in the buying of our building, for the larger cause of collective ownership (VS privatisation, which is another huge issue in this city). It is great to source as much as we can from our skills, our connections, our recycled knowledge and to deliver what we do with a personal, felt and valued attitude of interconnection and reciprocal responsibility, for the individual, the collective, and the context we operate in.

4bid is composed by passionate volunteers and the board of 4bid Stichting formed by Irina Baldini, Simona Piras and Sierra Hatcher.

The Gallery is a physical space in which to create, express, expose the product of elaborations, facilitating communication and exchange between individuals and the local community.

We like the idea of a small family inhabiting the space and being present to welcome influences from outside the Gallery’s door. An independent entity that is part of the bigger family, the OT301.

The space has for us a double function: at times a ‘backstage area’ where activities, studies, processes are visible to an audience of visitors in an unofficial manner, and an organized presenting platform that shows work which has been produced in the space.

We offer a variety of recurrent activities open to the public: exhibitions/open studios, workshops and performances/installations.


4-bid / four-bid(s) / for-bid / forbid(den)

Today’s conception of bid relates to a contest of auction, where an offer is made. 4bid took on the gallery in the OT301 and with that the chance to propose and offer to the public a series of experimental activities.

In the past the word bid referred to the act of asking. We do ask you, the audience of this space, to participate, as much as being open to welcome your proposals and questions.

Antiquely in sanskrit “bodhati” meant to make one awareconscious in the moment of offering. When bidding one is aware of the clauses in the circumstance. Awakened, enlightened.

4bidden, or forbidden also suggests our attitude towards working in an art-space, sensitively, taking into account what stereotypes of contemporary art might be today, and allowing for not-ordinary to pop-in and have a say.
















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