About 4bid

4bid is a non-profit space, a project and a platform for art and artists

4bid develops temporary cultures, interlinks fields of knowledge and comprehension through arts and culture.

“We think that art and culture, when approached critically, has a positive impact on society. We attempt to bringing consciousness about the current social situation by sharing and distributing knowledge through development of temporary culture, a culture that is dynamic and evolves as we speak. Being critical is an approach but not only. Critical culture for us is a metaphor for a critical moment on a timeline, a crisis between points of view, collision of times and spaces. We develop projects and researches with the aim of reaching out to a micro / medium geographic range*, wanting to connect with people on a human-size level through discussions and collaborations, aiming to sensitize to non capitalistic bodies and minds. We consider it important to create a multidisciplinary environment where a variety of artistic practices can question each other and their relation to contemporary art and society. We believe in a culture that is not elitist and therefore should be free and accessible to all. We like to interact and engage with artistic research, attempting to do it with consciousness and a critical mind-set, connecting with people on a personal level as well as globally”.

The Gallery is a physical space in which to create, express, expose the product of elaborations, facilitating communication and exchange between individuals and the local community.

We like the idea of a small family inhabiting the space and being present to welcome influences from outside the Gallery’s door. An independent entity that is part of the bigger family, the OT301.

The space has for us a double function: at times a ‘backstage area’ where activities, studies, processes are visible to an ‘audience’ of visitors in an unofficial manner, and an organized presenting platform that shows work which has been produced in the space.

We offer a variety of recurrent activities open to the public: exhibitions/open studios, workshops and performances/installations.


4-bid / four-bid(s) / for-bid / forbid(den)

Today’s conception of bid relates to a contest of auction, where an offer is made. 4bid took on the gallery in the OT301 and with that the chance to propose and offer to the public a series of experimental activities.

In the past the word bid referred to the act of asking. We do ask you, the audience of this space, to participate, as much as being open to welcome your proposals and questions.

Antiquely in sanskrit “bodhati” meant to make one awareconscious in the moment of offering. When bidding one is aware of the clauses in the circumstance. Awakened, enlightened.

4bidden, or forbidden also suggests our attitude towards working in an art-space, sensitively, taking into account what stereotypes of contemporary art might be today, and allowing for not-ordinary to pop-in and have a say.

4bid is composed by passionate volunteers and the board of 4bid Stichting formed by Irina Baldini, Simona Piras and Sierra Hatcher.
















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