Highs & Lows Open Call


Next event October 16th:

Apply for H&L evening of performance!
We’re always looking to give a platform for performance, choreography, dance with special attention to independent artists. In addition to presenting work in our H&L, we organize an Artist Brunch the next morning, to discuss and feedback on the work. Everyone is welcome to enrich the journey of creation and confront ideas or impressions.

Where: 4bid gallery, OT301 Amsterdam

When: October 16th, 2019

Deadline for applications: open

To know more about Highs & Lows <<<

If you are interested in performing at OT301 / 4bid gallery send your proposal to 4bidgallery@gmail.com with the following information. All fields must be complete.

Artist name:
250 word Biography:
Artist Website:
Title of the work:
Duration (max 25 min):
250 word Synopsis:
1 photograph to represent the work:
A video link to the work:
Tech Requirements:

There is no specific theme to the call.
4bid curates the evening according to the received applications, looking for a coherence of the event. If your work is not being considered for the coming H&L it will be kept in the archive and possibilities for showing it may arise in the future. 4bid reaches out to look for interesting work, so if you are showing in Amsterdam or vicinity do contact us!

Highs & Lows is an event produced by 4bid and promoted via OT301 No Culture Without Subculture, Amsterdam.

Each H&L we invite a member of the audience, writer or critic to comment/review the night. A feedback session on the following morning is part of the deal and the thing to look forward to: Artist breakfast from 11:00 with croissants and coffee!

– An opportunity for national and international artists to
present their work in OT301, 4bid gallery
– The income of paying tickets is shared between participating artists
– Accommodation in OT301 for the night of the performance can be requested as well as bar drinks and breakfast.
– We will cover as many technical requirements as possible. The performance will take place in 4bid (sprung wooden floor 5,30m x 7,70m space).
– Participation at the special  artist breakfast, feedback session program the following morning, 11:00 to which artist and public are invited.

We run no-profit but try to support Art and especially Artists with what we can, positively. The income of the evening will go towards production costs and any extra will be given to the participating artists in equal parts.

*photo: Tashi Iwaoka, H&L#28, 28th Nov 2018, credit Theo van Loon.
a response regarding our production attitude:
The way we decide to run events in the space is in the attempt to operate avoiding hierarchies. We choose to organise ourselves -on principle- as unpaid volunteers, where artists, curators, programmers invest their work and time independently from parameters that often condition our actions -that being financial agreements, space restrictions, overarching themes-.
Our project values connections, honest feedback, presence, open space, commitment to a spirit which -as we are witnessing full speed changes in the independent, subcultural scene- risks being wiped away by speculation together with free havens and our dreams. We don’t escape overhead costs, but we may be able to bring our small changes in our small systems by contributing to something of which relevance we (as 4bid) believe in.


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